Office jokes

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While working in an office or from home, we communicate with different people. Sometimes we use phrases that we tend to communicate with but at the back of our minds, we are nurturing very different feelings.

In this article, I am compiling some of the phrases which we do use…

Monday motivations

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Are there any connections between memes and happiness? If you are my type of person, then you may also love to check your mobile after finishing work. And guess what I see over there?

I mostly see videos, TikTok, and memes posted on the internet. I don’t know why but…

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You might have heard a lot of times that having better coffee can make your whole day wonderful. But what if something brings you a smile on your face and you can certainly say… I have felt that… or I am into this…

Today, I am trying to compile some…

Representation of programmer’s life in a funny way

As a programmer, we do see a lot of struggles like working with deadlines, getting stuck on something, working at night to fix the issues, supporting the production on weekends, and many more.

Here, I am compiling some jokes which tell the story of the life of a programmer.

What is your 9 to 5 routine?

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My life was full of problems where you can see ups and downs. As normal, I also got too much stress and thought of giving up. But my inner self told me to remain calm. …

Compilation of best programming jokes in 2021

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Life is uncertain, sometimes you get happy or sad but we don't have control of things. The only control you have is to accept the situation and be happy no matter what.

The same applies to us (developers), sometimes we are happy when…

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Have you heard the saying, “Laughter is the best medicine to lighten your stress?”

But how? How to laugh or smile when you are in a bad mood?

Today, I am trying to compile some of the best programming-related jokes/memes which I found on the internet and social media. …

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As a fast development approach, many companies started implementing the agile framework in their software development process.

While working in agile, many of us go through different phases of completing timelines or getting blockers, or taking on someone in retros.

Here, I am compiling some agile-related jokes which I found…

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Are you a programmer? If yes, would you need some break from your normal routine and have some fun? In this article, I am compiling some of the best jokes which will be guaranteed work like a “refresh” button for you.

It’s always better to showcase your work… LOL

Can you please comment code?

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Comments. When this word comes up among programmers, either it is written to increase the “Sonar” reports or “To fulfill review comments.” Do you write comments?

Sometimes we tend to write creative comments — and sometimes we get carried away by our imaginations. Anyone can laugh by reading these comments.

(Please do share funny comments you came across to expand this list)


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